Company Name Stall No Stall Type- Bare/ Shell Area
Havells India Ltd H4D1 Bare Space 153
Larsen & Toubro Limited H4A20 Bare Space 120
Schneider Electric India Pvt Limited H4A26 Bare Space 120
Siemens India Ltd. H4A2 Bare Space 120
Vashi Electricals Pvt Ltd H4A7 Bare Space 110
R R Kabel Ltd. H4D15 Bare Space 108
Secure Meters Limited H4B1 Bare Space 88
C & S Electric Ltd. H4B11 Bare Space 80
CTR Manufacturing Industries Limited H4A44 Bare Space 80
GE T&D India Limited H4B17 Bare Space 64
Lucy Electric India Pvt Ltd H4B18 Bare Space 64
Stelmec Limited H4C1 Bare Space 60
Phoenix Contact (India) Pvt. Ltd. H4B2 Bare Space 56
Connectwell Industries Pvt. Ltd. H4B4 Bare Space 48
HPL Electric & Power Ltd H4B10 Bare Space 48
Tesla Transformers (Global) Private Limited H4C16 Bare Space 42
Slimlites Electricals Pvt. Ltd. H4B8 Bare Space 40
Elmex Controls Pvt Ltd H4D2C2 Bare Space 36
Supreme & Co. Pvt. Ltd H4A8 Bare Space 36
Aditya Birla Insulator ( A Unit of Grasim Industries Ltd ) H4A52 Bare Space 30
G.K. Xianghe Electricals Pvt. Ltd. H4A34 Bare Space 30
Genus Power Infrastucture H4A38 Bare Space 30
Pepperl and Fuchs (India) Pvt Ltd H4A40 Shell Scheme 30
Precision Plastic Industries Pvt. Ltd. H4B5 Bare Space 30
Shri Krsna Sudarshan Urja Pvt Ltd H4B14 Bare Space 30
SM Systems H4B19 Bare Space 30
Staubli Tec Systems India Private Ltd. H4B16 Bare Space 30
Transfix (India) Private Limited H4A50 Shell Scheme 30
WAGO Private LTD H4D11 Bare Space 30
Apar Industries Limited (Uniflex Cables) H4D31 Shell Scheme 24
Axis Electrical Components (I) P Ltd H4A41 Bare Space 24
Crystoplast Electricals LLP H4E10 Shell Scheme 24
Electrical Research & Development Association (ERDA) H4B13 Bare Space 24
Emerson Climate Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. H4C22 Shell Scheme 24
Fatehpuria Transformers And Switchgears Pvt. Ltd. H4A49 Shell Scheme 24
Hensel Electric India Pvt Ltd H4C36 Shell Scheme 24
Jyoti Limited H4B20 Shell Scheme 24
ON LOAD GEARS H4B22 Shell Scheme 24
Sicame India Connectors Pvt Ltd H4C31 Bare Space 24
Sintex-BAPL Limited H4C34 Shell Scheme 24
Techno Instrumentation India Pvt. Ltd H4B15 Bare Space 24
The Motwane Manufacturing Co. Pvt. Ltd. H4B6 Bare Space 24
Innovative India Illuminations H4E1 Shell Scheme 21
Asiatic Electrical & Switchgear Pvt. Ltd. H4D33 Shell Scheme 18
Brass Copper & Alloy (I) Ltd. H4A27 Shell Scheme 18
Easun-MR Tapchangers (Pvt) Ltd. H4D37 Shell Scheme 18
Elektrolites (Power) Pvt. Ltd. H4C6 Shell Scheme 18
Leebo Metals Pvt Ltd H4C33 Shell Scheme 18
M. B. Control & Systems Pvt. Ltd. H4A6 Shell Scheme 18
MECO Instruments Pvt Ltd H4D6 Shell Scheme 18
P2 Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd. H4A17 Shell Scheme 18
Power and Control H4A21 Shell Scheme 18
SCOPE T&M Pvt Ltd H4C11 Shell Scheme 18
Selec Controls Pvt. Ltd. H4E7A Shell Scheme 18
Uttam Bharat Electricals Pvt. Ltd. H4A1 Shell Scheme 18
Zera India Pvt Ltd H4C37 Shell Scheme 18
Guru Teg Bahadur Metal Works H4A37 Shell Scheme 15
Kotsons Pvt. Ltd. H4E11 Shell Scheme 15
SG Corporation H4A53 Shell Scheme 15
Autolite Emergency Lighting System LLP H4E7 Shell Scheme 12
Shreem Electric Limited H4B24 Shell Scheme 12
Trishul Electrical Works H4B32 Shell Scheme 12
Udeyraj Electricals Pvt. Ltd. H4A4 Shell Scheme 12
VIN DIP India Pvt. Ltd. H4F4 Shell Scheme 12
Cargill India Pvt. Ltd. H4A35 Shell Scheme 9
Classic Enterprises H4B29 Shell Scheme 9
Denki Power Solutions H4F2 Shell Scheme 9
Dowells Cable Accessories Pvt. Ltd. H4E4 Shell Scheme 9
DSM India Pvt. Ltd. H4D43 Shell Scheme 9
Electronic Automation Pvt. Ltd. H4C41 Shell Scheme 9
Exalt Engineering Industries H4A59 Shell Scheme 9
FLIR Systems India PVt. Ltd. H4D17 Shell Scheme 9
Galaxy Transmissions Pvt Ltd. H4A25 Shell Scheme 9
IDEMI H4E3 Shell Scheme 9
JDS Transformers Industries Pvt Ltd H4A45 Shell Scheme 9
KIGG System India Pvt. Ltd. H4F1 Shell Scheme 9
Kusam – Meco Import Export P. Ltd. H4E2 Shell Scheme 9
KVA Process Transformers Pvt. Ltd. H4C15 Shell Scheme 9
Kyoritsu KEW India Instruments Pvt. Ltd. H4C43 Shell Scheme 9
Lark Non Ferrous Metals Ltd. H4A60 Shell Scheme 9
Lawson Fuses India Ltd. H4D44 Shell Scheme 9
Minilec (India) Pvt. Ltd. H4D16 Shell Scheme 9
Mysore Thermo Electric Pvt. Ltd. H4F3 Shell Scheme 9
Next Gen Equipments P. Ltd. H4A33 Shell Scheme 9
Nsoft (India) Services Private Limited H4C45 Shell Scheme 9
OM Technical Solutions H4B17A Shell Scheme 9
Packshield Industries H4D19 Shell Scheme 9
Parimal Clean Energy System Pvt. Ltd. H4C9 Shell Scheme 9
Prime Cable Industries ( A Unit of RC Cables Pvt. Ltd. ) H4B27 Shell Scheme 9
Prolific System and Technol H4A31 Shell Scheme 9
PRS Permacel Pvt. Ltd. H4E15 Shell Scheme 9
Rokade Rotek India Pvt. Ltd. H4A15 Shell Scheme 9
Royal Industries H4A47 Shell Scheme 9
S. L. Fasteners Pvt. Ltd. H4D12 Shell Scheme 9
SGS India Pvt. Ltd H4A58 Shell Scheme 9
Shiv Om Brass Industries H4C47 Shell Scheme 9
Shiv Om Fastners H4B16A Shell Scheme 9
Shri Krsna Urja Project Private Ltd. H4B30 Shell Scheme 9
Super Engineering Works H4D18 Shell Scheme 9
Tara Relays Pvt. Ltd. H4A55 Shell Scheme 9
Terminal Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd. H4D10 Shell Scheme 9
Testo India Pvt. Ltd. H4E13 Shell Scheme 9
True Power Earthings Pvt. Ltd. H4E5 Shell Scheme 9
U Protec Earthing Pvt. Ltd. H4D41 Shell Scheme 9
Vision Vidyut Engineers Pvt Ltd H4D14 Shell Scheme 9

International Pavilion

Company Name Stall No Stall Type- Bare/ Shell Area
S & C Electric Company H4C10 Shell Scheme 24
Elsewedy Electric H4C26 Bare Space 24

China Pavilion – China Sales Partner CEEIA

Company Name Stall No Stall Type- Bare/ Shell Area
Green Watt Kingsine Manufacturing India Private Limited H4C23 Shell Scheme 9
Shanghai Liangxin Electric Co.,Ltd H4C25 Shell Scheme 36
Shanghai Kstone S&T Development Co.,Ltd D23 Shell Scheme 9
Suzhou Wujiang Xinyu Electrical Material Co., Ltd D25 Shell Scheme 9
Suzhou Future Electrical Co.,Ltd D27 Shell Scheme 9
Beijing MingRi Electrical Equipment Co,.Ltd C17 Bare Space 36
Wuhan Feite Electric Co.,Ltd C21 Bare Space 18
Wenzhou Yeeka Hardware Co.,Ltd C30 Bare Space 36
InHand Networks D21 Bare Space 18

Host Utility Sponsor

Company Name Stall No Stall Type- Bare/ Shell Area
MSEDCL H4A12 Shell Scheme 24

Power Pavilion

Company Name Stall No Stall Type- Bare/ Shell Area
Power Finance Corporation Ltd. Bare Space 512

Strategic Partners


Company Name Stall No Stall Type- Bare/ Shell Area
POWER Sector Skill counsil ( PSSC) H4F5 Shell Scheme 9
COSMOS H4A57 Shell Scheme 9
Genesis Info Media H4F6 Shell Scheme 9
I-Tech Media Pvt Ltd. – 3 Advt. H4F7 Shell Scheme 9
Four Square Media Pvt. Ltd. H4F8 Shell Scheme 9
Icon Media H4F9 Shell Scheme 9
Era Fame Media Group H4F10 Shell Scheme 9
Omnimedia Publications India Pvt. Ltd. H4F11 Shell Scheme 9
India Infrastructure Publishing Pvt. Ltd H4D45 Shell Scheme 9
New Delhi Print Media Pvt. Ltd. H4C48 Shell Scheme 9
Amber Media LLP H4A56 Shell Scheme 9
Tulip 3P Media Pvt Ltd H420 Shell Scheme 9
Scorp Media H4A54 Shell Scheme 9
Infocom Network Limited H4D18 Shell Scheme 9
ASAPP Info Media H4A61 Shell Scheme 9
Chary Publications Pvt. Ltd. A4C40 Shell Scheme 9
Divya Media Publications Pvt.Ltd. H4C46 Shell Scheme 9
Aakash Publication H4C44 Shell Scheme 9
The Free Press Journal H4D46 Shell Scheme 9
Government E -Market Place H4B28 Shell Scheme 9